What To Expect

A patient intake form will need to be completed before setting up an appointment in order to ensure that your mental health concerns can be addressed by our practice. After reviewing your intake form, we will call or email to set up an appointment using Telehealth.

Because we are an outpatient/telehealth practice,  we do not have the resources to respond to emergencies 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Larger group practices and community agencies have this capability and are a more appropriate level of care. If you anticipate multiple emergencies, you should consider seeking services from one of these larger agencies.  We do not offer crisis services. Please take your needs into account when choosing our practice.

You should expect to see your medication provider for 50 to 60 minutes for initial evaluation and follow-up appointments are approximately 15-30 minutes. Your initial visit does not indicate admission into our practice. You and your provider will determine if it is a mutually good fit within the first session. Your provider will be engaged in your treatment and proactive in your care while a patient at Tranquility Integrated Care. The practice believes it is important to get to know you are a person and we look forward to meeting you. Once you are stable on medications, you will be expected to be seen every 60- 90 days to maintain safety and quality of care in our practice.

Appointment Policies

Since we will be here for your appointment, we ask for consideration of keeping your appointment and being on time. 24 hour in advance needed for cancellation. If you cancel less than 24 hour prior to your appointment time, this will be considered late cancellation. We do understand that emergencies do come up. Please be considerate and let us know as early as possible. A combination or all of three late cancels and/or no-shows will result in termination from our practice.

Telehealth Services

Our office will contact you by phone, text or email to schedule your Telehealth session in advance. Directions will be emailed or texted in advance as well on how to use our Telehealth services. If you have further questions or concerns, please call our office. We look forward to seeing you in your Telehealth session!

Privacy issues: If you are in a situation where your home is not a private place for you or if you do not have reliable Wi-Fi, please remember that you can access the telehealth platform from your smartphone. You may consider driving to a local coffee shop to connect to their Wi-Fi and complete your session in the privacy of your car.

Safety: It is important that your provider know your location at time of session. All HIPAA and safety rules apply to telehealth.

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All Behavioral Health & Telehealth Services Are 100% Online At This Time – Home Office Located In Ketchikan, Alaska. We travel to Ketchikan frequently to see patients at the clinic in person as well.

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